We are a Religious Order founded in the seventeenth century by St. Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) and dedicated to evangelizing through education to children and preferably the poor ones, for this we consecrate ourselves with a fourth special vow.

St. Joseph Calasanz, declared in 1948 by Pope Pius XII “Universal Patron of all the world’s Christian popular schools”, has the glory of having opened in 1597 “the first free public popular school in Europe” (Von Pastor). He proclaimed the right to education of all children and fought for it, being persecuted for this reason. But he was resoundingly successful in his purpose as he responded to the challenges and needs of his time.

In 1617 the Pauline Congregation (by Pope Paul V who approved it) of Poor Regular Clerics of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools was founded, which Pope Gregory XV elevated to Religious Order in 1621 under the current name. It soon spread throughout Italy and Central Europe. It is currently widespread in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America). We are more than 1,300 religious.

This initial event has been prolonged over time, for more than four hundred years, until it arrives to you and to us all. The Pious Schools has always created schools that help to train open, supportive, committed and believing people. School of the 21st century, of all that we make it, able to enrich ourselves fully in all our competences, to contribute to change and improve our world, making it more human, fraternal and in keeping with the Gospel of Jesus.

We do not  carry out this mission alone, we share it with more than one hundred thousand lay people and with the female and male religious congregations that make up the great Calasanzian Family.