Pious School’s Vocation

Being a Skolapios/Piarist is a concrete way of living God’s call to proclaim the gospel, God’s presence among us, and the closeness of the Kingdom of God. Like every vocation, it is begun with God’s call and counts on our humble and generous response.

Our way of responding wants to be similar to that of our Founder, St. Joseph Calasanz, who – after seeing reality and feeling that the Word of God asked for an answer – said at the end of the sixteenth century: “I have found in Rome the definitive way of serving God, doing good to these little ones and I will not leave it for anything in the world.”

When a young person feels called to live this mission (link to mission), he must contact the nearest house (welcoming house) and initiate a process of mutual knowledge. You can then be admitted to the aspirancy-year in your country, when you will do a year-long experience of living, learning, and of collaborating with us. After the aspirancy-year, you already enter into the formation itself: pre-novitiate (with civil studies), novitiate in Cebu (Philippines), and juniorate in which studies continue to be completed, whether civilian or ecclesiastical. Formationallows us to get to know each other better, to deepen our vocation in all its aspects, grow as people and religious and to prepare for the mission.

You will be able to see in this section both the contact persons and the names of the young people who are in formation (with the place and stage). You can also learn about other vocational experiences of the Order