The Skolapios/Piarist describe our mission as follows:


We, the escolapios, religious and lay people, “cooperators of the truth”,

like Saint Joseph Calasanz

we feel sent by Christ and by the Church

to evangelize educating

children and the youth, especially the poor ones, from early childhood, through the integration

of Faith and of Culture (Piety and Learning)

to renew the Church and to transform the society

in accordance with the Gospel’s values,

creating fraternity.

For that, we have received

a charism that comes from God,

a history, a spirituality, a proper pedagogy, people in communion,

schools and specific institutions,

that allow us to make Jesus, the Master, and

the Motherhood of His Church present in the little ones.


This mission is carried out in different ways in our presences in Indonesia and East Timor, as you can see.